No. You can book an exercise class or physiotherapy appointment without a doctor’s referral.  However, if you do have a referral, please bring it with you to your first session.  Some care plans provide a medicare rebate, so we need the referral to process the rebate.

 This depends on your health fund policy.  We have a HICAPS machine, so if you have a private health care card, please bring it to your physiotherapy appointment and we can process the rebate at the time of payment.  For exercise classes, you will need to check with your healthcare provider and claim through them directly.

Yes! We love little ones.  If you would like to bring your baby to your appointment you are more than welcome to.  Our post natal exercise classes allow for little ones who aren’t on the move yet.  Once they’re crawling, it’s not that safe for them to hang around our equipment.

Yes. We are offering a 30min 1:1 initial assessment as part of our starter class pack. 

For most postnatal appointments we recommend that you wait until 6 weeks after your birth.  If you have any pressing issues, such as mastitis, or significant pain, then please give us a call or book online anytime.

In most circumstances, a pelvic floor assessment is an internal vaginal assessment.  This is the best way to properly examine the function of the pelvic floor.  Your physiotherapist will explain to you in detail the steps of the assessment in your appointment, and can provide you with alternative options if you do not wish to proceed with the internal vaginal assessment.

 Yes. It is your choice as to whether you want to have the assessment at this time.