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So you’ve heard about pilates but are not sure it’s your thing or what it involves. We get it – with all the various forms of exercise out there it’s hard to know what the right thing for you is. Let us break it down for you and if you like the sound of it then come and say hey! 

Pilates is a unique form of exercise that challenges both the mind and body. Pilates key elements focus on core activation, breathing techniques and optimal postures. Once an individual understands the foundations, they can challenge their body in many ways, building on control, strength, mobility and flexibility in all areas of their body.

Pilates can be performed either using equipment (such as a reformer) or on a mat using small handheld items (blocks, hand weights, resistance bands etc). While each form of class focuses on the components mentioned above, they can vary quite significantly in style. 

Matwork pilates involves being grounded on the floor in various postures including standing, side-lying, on your hands and knees or on your back. Through these various postures, we challenge strength, control and mobility with various movements and the addition of multiple items such as hand weights, resistance bands, blocks or foam rollers. 

Reformer classes involve similar postures to matwork classes, however, you will be positioned on a flat platform (called a carriage) on a bed-like frame that can move back and forth with or against resistance provided by springs. Reformer classes challenge coordination, strength and mobility in a different way to mat-based classes while still focusing on the same key elements. 

Both forms of class are considered low-impact exercise options and due to the huge variety of movements, postures and exercises available can be suitable for all stages of fitness, life, recovery or rehabilitation. 

Where our classes differ from general pilates is that they are all taught by qualified physiotherapists who have done additional training in pilates exercise.  Because of this, we are able to adjust classes for individuals who might be nursing injuries, returning to exercise following surgery or pregnancy, managing health conditions or wanting to achieve specific goals with their strength or movement. We add a physio spin on all we do, incorporating not just our pilates knowledge but also our physio knowledge to provide you with a challenging, safe and fun exercise class. 

No two classes will ever be the same and within each class, no two people are likely to have the same experience. We keep our classes small to allow us to modify movements for each person, offering various options for different abilities or goals, ensuring you are performing your movements correctly and safely to get the most out of what you put in. 

So if this sounds like your thing, come along and give one of our classes a go!