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Pilates & Physio Led Exercise

At gro.w, we combine Pilates, rehabilitation and general strength and conditioning exercises in all our classes. Each class is taught by a registered physiotherapist. This allows us to properly manage anyone who is recovering from an injury or surgery, modify exercises appropriately, and provide safe yet challenging classes for women during pregnancy, the postnatal period and at all other stages in life.
Our Services - Pilates & Physio Led Exercise

We offer:

Matwork classes (4-6 participants)
Reformer classes (4 participants)
Pregnancy classes (4-6 participants)
Postnatal classes (4-6 participants)
Individual sessions

More to come

Please contact reception for details.  You can purchase classes in packs of 6, 10 or 20. Included in your initial class pack, we offer an additional 1:1 consultation to assess your ability and teach you the foundation techniques for the classes at gro.w.  

Some private health care providers give a rebate on physio-led exercise. Please contact your own private health care provider to check if you are entitled to a rebate on the classes.

A space for women to grow and adapt through anything life throws their way.

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